We are located in the territory of Mascali, and it is exactly here that Nerello Mascalese was born. From our lands this extraordinary vine has spread all over the Etnean territory, but we preserve the origin, the fulcrum, the ideal and natural habitat. We are exactly in the middle between fire and sea. We have an immense fortune and we take care of it every day.


The enormous cultural heritage that has been handed down to us encourages us to continue today and in the future in the direction suggested by the ancient master winemakers. Wrinkled hands dirty with earth, genuine wisdom, hard work and sweat in deference to work done well.


We do not alter the ancient methods of working the vines in use on the volcano. We respect nature, with its times and its vulnerabilities. We know that the quality of our wines depends above all on the care we put into our grapes. With great awareness and paying homage to our origins.


Our wines are inextricably linked to their historical memory, to Etna’s viticulture, to the quality of the raw material used in their production and to the related wine making techniques. The historical memory of Etna’s wine is about all the ancient traditions connected to wine itself, a memory that we jealously guard in order to honor the work of those who preceded us in respect of those who will follow us.


We process an authentic product, without tricks or shortcuts. In our bottles there are only three precious ingredients: grapes, work and time. Ours is a pure quality, without extraneous elements that do not belong to our production philosophy.


No wine is the same as any other. No vintage is the same as another. Each of our wines tells the story of the territory, the seasonal climatic trends, the indissoluble bond with the surrounding environment. Mineral wines, of salty winds and volcanic soils. Grapes cradled by the sun, from dawn to dusk. A natural heritage of disarming beauty that we put with care and love into our bottles.